20-07-2018 Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 34 Vijay TV Show

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20-07-2018 Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

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20-07-2018 Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is finally here. Big Boss Tamil is a Tamil language reality show aired on Vijay TV. The show is broadcasted from India but is seen by millions all over the world. Let’s say show blew up when it first came out last year. The show is being hosted by a popular actor in Tamil Industry named Kamal Haasan. In the second season, 15 contestants will live together and try to get along, there will also be house rules and certain duties each contestant will be assigned to. The popular contestants who are liked the most by the public will stay while the least favorite (by voting) will leave the show. There will also be problems between the contestants.

When you put 15 people who come from different background and those who have different opinions and different points of views then for sure you can expect all sorts of drama. Seems like drama is what makes this program liked by many.
Most of the time we can relate ourself to the contestants on the show, many people have decided to change themselves after watching Bigg Boss. Watch today’s episode of Bigg boss 20/07/2018 Episode 34 with Kamal Haasan, grand opening episode. The show will be aired every single day for the next 100 days, so don’t miss to check back daily. 15 contestants are expected it may be more, tune in later to find out just how many.

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